Tantric Burlesque Retreat
February 7-14, 2020
Ponduk Wahyu, Ubud, Bali

Be Your Own Valentine & Step Into Living Your Most
Sensual, Embodied & Juicy Life!


What if you could travel to an extraordinary tropical destination, have all your needs taken care of and be surrounded by natural beauty and luxury, all while participating in transformational rituals and exercises that leave you feeling rejuvenated, inspired and deeply in love with yourself? This is what I want for you. My aim is not just to bring you to a beautiful location or to teach you some sexy tools, but to have what we do create a ripple of positive transformation that affects every aspect of your life.

I know it’s hard to create time for yourself. To put yourself first. So I’m going to make sure that you will be pampered and loved when you are with me and also have free time for you to explore on your own. I have planned daily Tantric Burlesque rituals and exercises to help you feel totally embodied and in love with yourself, to learn how to deepen pleasure, to heighten your sexuality and creativity, and ultimately help you live your most juicy life while learning how to bring this magic home with you!

why bali?


Bali is known as the island of the Gods. Not only is it incredibly and naturally beautiful but it is also filled with gorgeous art, architecture, carvings and statues. The people of Bali are friendly, generous and kind, plus there seems to be a ritual or celebration taking place in every moment. This country has a spiritual aliveness I haven’t experienced anywhere else in the world. What better place for us to experience the magic and transformation of this retreat than in a country that is truly magical!




Ponduk Wahyu is a mixture of what is authentically Balinese, finessed with modern day luxury. The resort is perched in the jungle on the side of a valley going down to the river. It is one of the most beautiful and special places I have experienced. The staff are helpful, friendly and gracious. The accommodations are remarkable. Each building is unique and beautiful and the grounds are filled with sacred statues, quiet nooks, gathering spaces and a peaceful fresh water pool. It’s hard to describe how wonderful this place is. It is something you have to experience for yourself. 


meals made with love


Balinese food is delicious and SO, SO good for you. Before I went to Bali people told me the food was the best they had eaten in Indonesia and they were not wrong. It is easy to be vegetarian or vegan in this country and I found that accommodating my dietary allergies was pretty simple.  We will be eating mouthwatering traditional Balinese food - think delicious curries, satay’s, seafood, fresh fruit and fruit juices (all dietary needs will be accommodated). You will also be given the opportunity to venture into Ubud where western food is available (sometimes you just need some french fries!) and where you can experience everything from fine dining in a Michelin starred restaurant, to the local Warung- traditional restaurants where you get healthy local food on the cheap (my partner and I had a delicious meal at a Muslim Warung that cost $6CAD including drinks.


Our Journey


This is an adventure of a lifetime. Not only do you get to go to one of the most beautiful and spiritual islands in the world but you get to do it with a group of like-minded people and facilitators who are planning the most special retreat they can imagine.

Beautiful Bali! - This country and its people are magic 
Imagine waking up to the sounds of the jungle, enjoying the rich smells of incense, warmth, flowers and flora. Natural beauty abounds from the richness of the jungle , to wide open rice patty fields, vast ocean sunsets and hidden water falls. Imagine yourself walking through ancient temples or shopping at the market in the culturally rich city of Ubud. We will experience it all and more.

Re/Connecting with Your Sexy, Sensual Self

What would it feel like to love the body you're in? To feel sexy and free and enlivened? To do daily creative practices and rituals to tease out the person you know you are?

By the holding of sacred space for daily rituals and exercises, fertile ground is created so that you can be that sexy, free, sensually satisfied person you know is there!

Creating a Community

Before we even meet or the group of our adventurers is formed, I imagine that each of you are a part of my Sangha - a Buddhist term that means family. You are the beloved family members that I just haven’t met yet. 

Imagine having a beautiful community of like-minded people to share with, grow with and have the most fun ever - to be part of your own Sangha.

Playing so intimately with a group of like-minded people is magic. Incredible bonds are formed. The group is set up so that you can be yourself and trust that you will be met with compassion and love

Relaxation and Rejuvenation

Life is much slower in Bali. It's hot and moist so we need to move slowly, drink more water and take time to swim in the pool. This retreat is part adventure, part transformation and part relaxation. Ponduk Wahyu has many beautiful spots to meditate, journal or to just sit quietly and enjoy the outstanding views and relaxing sounds and smells of the jungle. I have made sure that you will have plenty of time to relax, integrate what we’ve learned, to rest and just BE


As a burlesque performer I tend to feel like more is better. More rhinestones please!!! So I’ve added as much into this retreat as both time and a reasonable budget would allow. 

  • A Photo shoot with Moss Photography!- working with Misty is an amazing experience no matter where you are but having a tropical photo shoot with Misty in the jungle is a once in a life time opportunity!

  • Experiencing Alchemy of the Breath with a Master Facilitator - this incredible breathing technique affects your sense of clarity, connection and peace.

  • Daily yoga and/or authentic sensual movement- it is SO important that we integrate all of the information and experience into our bodies.

  • Being totally taken care of- I want you to go on the adventure of a lifetime but I also want to pamper you while you do it. Its Valentines  Week so  “Hey girl, let me be your boyfriend (girlfriend, non binary lover)” and by that I mean let me make sure that your picked up at the airport, that you have water and towels on our adventures, that there are little surprises for you that help you feel loved and cared for.

  • A beautiful workbook/journal and exercises so that you can continue this transformative experience once you get home.


live your most sensual and juicy life!

My promise to you: 


Transformation, Relaxation and Adventure

After 8 days in the loving embrace of Bali, surrounded by the jungle at our incredible home base of Ponduk Wahyu you will feel replenished, revitalized and have a deeper connection with your sensuality and creativity. My hope is that you leave feeling inspired and passionate not just about your life but about who you are in the world and with the tools we provide you can continue this transformational work (play!) in your daily life.



Rosie Tantrica Goddess-70.jpg
  • You are ready for transformation in your life!

  • You want to feel great in and about your body!

  • You are ready to unleash your sexy, sensual self!

  • You love travel and adventure!

  • You love to be pampered but you are also very independent!

  • You want Rosie Bitts to be your boyfriend (girlfriend, non binary lover). Just kidding!

  • You are ready to have fun and forge deep connections with a community of like-minded people!

  • You are open to magic and opportunity!

  • You love culturally rich experiences!


This journey is not for you if…

  • You need for everything to go perfectly and exactly on time. What I’ve learned from traveling to places like Bali is that things may change and there is no exact schedule in very hot countries. But if you go with the flow you tend to have the perfect experience at the perfect time, maybe just not the exact one you planned for.

  • You hate bugs, frogs and lizards- we are staying in the jungle, so yeah all those things. But I actually got less bites in Bali then I do camping in a Canadian summer.

  • You want everything to be like home but…in Bali. We are going to a foreign country with diverse cultural differences. I find this to be an incredibly rich experience but I understand that some people find this scary. We will be immersed in the culture rather than shut away in a resort that feeds us burgers and where everyone speaks perfect English. 


I want you to feel like this was the best investment in yourself you’ve ever made♥

So let me tell you what’s included:

  • 7 nights accommodation at Pondok Wahyu (investment varies depending on room and occupancy)

  • Delicious fresh made local meals- all breakfasts are included, along with 3 lunches and 2 dinners

  • A Transformational Breathwork ceremony with a local Master

  • A jungle photoshoot with The FABULOUS Misty Moss of Moss Photography & 1 edited photo of your choice

  • 2 AMAZING Tours- either the Tirta Empul Temple for water purification OR the Batur Volcano (viewpoint) with the famous Tegalalang Rice Terraces (UNESCO World Heritage Site) AND The Wonder of the 7 Waterfalls

  • Tantric Rituals & Course Play (its not work, its ALL Play!) to draw in, increase, ground, and send out more love and abundance

  • Tantric practices to get deeply in touch with your sexuality and increase your pleasure (both in your life as a whole and in the bedroom)

  • Releasing your sexy through the art form of burlesque

  • Authentic Sensual Movement

  • Daily yoga and or/sensual movement with stretch

  • Journaling and self-reflection exercises

  • Community building

  • Shopping at the market in Ubud

  • Towels, water, local guides and drivers for all excursions

  • Lots of time for meditation and relaxation

PLUS we will spend the day at Jimbaran beach with access to the Intercontinental Bali Resort including the use of  their pools & cabanas and a food and beverage credit! Pure MAGIC!


What’s not included

  • Your round trip airfare from home

  • 2 lunches, 3 dinners, snacks

  • Other non-included items would include souvenir shopping, personal phone calls/cards, extra services, laundry, tips for your maids and drivers

  • Personal, medical or trip cancellation insurance


your investment


Early Bird until September 1/2019
$3195- Single Cozy or Shared Cozy
$3295- Shared Deluxe
$3395 Single Deluxe

After September 1/2019
$3445- Single Cozy or Shared Cozy
$3545- Shared Deluxe
$3645- Single Deluxe


trip facilitators


Rosie Bitts

Facilitator, Impresario, Chanteuse, Burlesque Matriarch, Tantrica

I have the very great joy of living my passion and dreams everyday! I am a multi-award winning performer, producer, author, educator, and sex activist, and was one of the pioneers who brought the art form of burlesque to Vancouver Island. 

I run my own production company, “Best Bitts Productions,” and produce local and international shows on a regular basis. Currently, I am having a love affair with my band, “The Dirty Boys,” and you can see us perform regularly in “Rosie’s Bitts of Tease Cabaret.” I have toured my solo shows all over N.America.

When I'm not touring or performing you can find me teaching people how to connect with their inner sexy, love their bodies, and strip for adoring crowds in my "Learn to Love your Jiggly Bitts" series of classes and workshops. Or teaching Tantra-based classes, workshops, and private sessions. I have had the great pleasure of working with hundreds of people and teaching and performing for well over a decade.

I feel incredibly honoured that people choose to come to me to be entertained, to learn vulnerable and heart-felt practices, to open up their creativity, and to connect on a deep and intimate level. 

I am a certified Sexologist and an Authentic Tantra teacher and practitioner who practices the Tibetan Buddhist 5 Element Tantric teachings.

Two of my greatest joys are being a mother and creating community. I feel like my children are gifts--everyday I am grateful they are in my life as the divine teachers they are and that I get to call two of the finest humans I know family.

I am also in constant awe of my community. I have certainly put a lot of work into it over the years but have been repaid 10 fold ( at least!!). Again, I am grateful everyday to be surrounded by people who inspire me, amaze me, and simply take my breath away with their levels of courage, creativity, and vulnerability, and that I get to call these people friends and family.

I guess the most important thing you should know about me is that I’m grateful. I’m happy to be alive and excited to share this beautiful life with you <3


Misty Moss

Owner & Photographer at Moss Photography, Burlesque Performer, Self Love Advocate

Photographer meets ferocious self-love advocate, Misty Moss is determined to help show everyone their true beauty and fall in love with their uniqueness.

Full-time professional self-love enthusiast and Victoria BC’s go-to boudoir photographer for over three years, Molly has worked with hundreds of clients to help share with them the power of intimate portrait photography.


I sincerely hope you will join me. This is going to be a very special trip filled with transformation, pussy magic & love

I love you and I can’t wait to share this with you ♥