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Burlesque totally changed my life.  I’m not kidding. My thoughts about my body, aging, sexuality, art, activism, feminism, it has all been transformed by burlesque. More than a decade has passed since I started performing burlesque and I am still intrigued by this art form. 

Stripping in an artful, sexy, funny, dirty, clumsy, beautiful, disturbing, weird and wonderful way is one of my VERY favourite things to do. Teaching other people how to do it is a close second!

Catch me on the stage or jump down the rabbit hole and join one of my classes. 

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Learn to Love your Jiggly Bitts class is not just for performers. The “audience” is us, looking at ourselves and passing judgment or celebration, every day - and Rosie taught me to reinforce the message: “this skin that I’m about to reveal? You, audience, are invited to revel in the amazing feminine power that is me!” That was one of my favourite parts of working with Rosie. 
The other favourite part was the bonds forged with other amazing babes who were going through a transformative process and bearing witness to their growth and empowerment.
— Jane Connell

Please check the Calendar for current classes offered



ReVamped Learn to Love Your Jiggly Bitts: Burlesque Basics and Beyond

How would it feel to love the body you’re in, create something extraordinary, let go of old ways of being that are no longer serving you and do it all in an environment that is loving, supportive and FUN!!!

Let’s create magic together ♥

This class takes my previous beginners’ class to the next level. We will go over all the basics of burlesque, throw in a dash of Tantric ritual, release old blocks that have been holding your sexy back and create a space for you to step into your most creative, sexy, authentic self.

By the end of this session you will have created a burlesque number that you can share with a loved one, present in class or perform onstage at the next Brand New Boobies Showcase, tapped into your own wealth of sexy and creative magic and connected with a community where you are loved as you are and supported, as well as spending 12 weeks having an incredible amount of fun.

In this class we explore:

Tantric rituals for self-care and to enhance sexiness and creativity
Walking in Heels
Boa work
Glove work
Strip tease
Costuming with guest Teacher Vogue Mahone
Show Girl Make up with Guest Teacher Alison the Hair Witch
Sensual movement and finding YOUR authentic movement- no dance experience necessary
Character Development
Simple choreography
Story arcs in performance
Improvisational skills
Connecting deeply with your sexy and feeling great in your body (just as it is!)
And SO much more!!

With Guest Teachers: Vogue Mahone and Alison the Hair Witch

Class is limited to 10 Students

Ten 2hour classes
Two 2+ hour dress rehearsals
A pair of pasties (nipple tassels)
The Unleash Your Sensual Goddess journal and workbook
A professional photo shoot with 2-3 edited pictures
Styling for your photo shoot (by Alison the Hair Witch)
A chance to perform in the Brand New Boobies Graduation Showcase
Pictures and Video of the Brand New Boobies Show
Celebration Potluck the day after the show

$1100 + GST
Early Bird Special $1000 + GST if deposit is paid by July 1/19
Payment Plan available

$250 deposit required to hold your spot and lock in any early bird pricing (deposit is nonrefundable or transferable unless the class is canceled or at Rosie’s discretion due to extenuating circumstances)

Choose 4 equal payments of $250 (for early bird, $275 regular price), the final payment will be due on or before October 15th Or if paying in full after the deposit is paid the remainder of the payment is due 1 week before class starts (September 10th)

REGISTER at and pay your deposit to or via PayPal to *
*Ensure both steps are completed to be fully registered in the class.

An excellent introduction to the art of burlesque, and intermediate level. Rosie allows her students to explore their personal vulnerability and helps them find the beauty and sensuality of their own body. Gives insight to improve their personal view of their body. Intermediate students are challenged to push their own boundaries to bring their performances to higher levels  As one of her male students she gave me tools I still use today to improve my performance and enhance my relationships off stage
— BadMan Throbbins - Burlesque Performer

Jiggle it Up!- Intermediate Burlesque revamped!

Are you ready to take your performance skills to a totally new level? Have you taken my Jiggly Bitts Class and just want to continue on this wonderful adventure? Or are you finding it challenging to stay inspired, to create new routines, to get booked regularly? This class will enhance your performance skills, teach you how to create a sustainable creative practice, help you to bring ritual, reverence (or irreverence) and deep connection to what you create and further ground you in the magic that is burlesque!

This class will be a partial co-creation based on what your wanting to learn next mixed with guest teachers, teaching on a specific topic and some performance skills I think are invaluable to the intermediate performer.

Guest Teachers:
Misty Moss- Floor work and Butt Stuff (or Stocking Removal)
Delilah D’lish- How to Polish your number
Rachel Parish (owner of Passion and Performance)- Choreography

Maximum 8 Students

Included in this Class:
Ten 2-hour classes
Two 2+hour Dress Rehearsals
30 min private session with Rosie
Unleash your Sensual Goddess Workbook and Journal
Chance to Perform in the Brand New Boobies Showcase
Photos and Video of your number from the BNB Showcase
End of class potluck brunch or dinner

$650 + GST
$600+ GST Early Bird Price if deposit is paid by July 1/19
$200 Deposit due to hold your spot (nontransferable or refundable unless class is canceled or by express permission by Rosie Bitts due to extenuating circumstances)
Payment plans available

REGISTER at and pay your deposit via or PayPal *

*Ensure both steps are completed to be fully registered in the class.


This in-depth class offers you the opportunity to learn from masters in their field, create a sustainable and workable ongoing creative practice and help to create a concept inspired Burlesque Show. You will learn everything that goes into creating a production including planning, production skills and marketing. As well as being a full part of the planning and creation of the final show you be expected to create and present (to Rosie and the Class) 3 burlesque numbers in different performance styles- one (or possibly more) of these numbers you will polish and have in the final show. During our down time in the winter months you will be given assignments to complete in regards to our upcoming collaborative show. You will be set up with a creative buddy in the class to collaborate with, work on projects with and to help each other stay on task.

To apply for this class: You must have completed Rosie’s Learn to Love Your Jiggly Bitts and Jiggle It Up classes and be able to commit to a deep ongoing creative practice. This class is ideal for people who have been performing for 2+ years but Rosie will consider taking on newer performers.

We will have 1 session per month by a guest instructor. Some will be local and some will be from our larger worldwide burlesque and performance community (via zoom). There is a possibility that Rosie will also be out of the country for a few of these classes so they will be held online as well.

Maximum 12 Students

Included in this class:
Ongoing creative support
1-hour private session with Rosie or a guest teacher
Workshops with Guest Teachers
$1000 creation budget for the final show (beyond the production costs which are covered by the executive producer Rosie Bitts)
Photo and Videos of the Final Show

Classes will run from September 17th- November 19th, January 7 & 23, February 4 & 19, March is Off, April 7- June 23rd with the Final show on June 27th

Class is $2000 + GST or can be split into 4 payments of $500(+GST) or monthly payments of $200(+GST) from September - June. Once class has started in September all payments are due even if you drop out of the class (except for extremely extenuating circumstances and by Rosie’s express permission)

A $200 deposit will be needed to hold your spot, which will count towards your first payment.

REGISTER at and pay your deposit via or PayPal *

*Ensure both steps are completed to be fully registered in the class.

The Gentlemanly Art of Boylesque

The gentlemen have been asking and you know I have a very difficult time turning the gentlemen down so I have created an in depth Boylesque Course!! " Gentlemanly Training in the Art of Boylesque". Get the same comprehensive training I provide for the ladies, but in a hyper masculinized way; Strutting, Clothing removal, Body Image, Creating your persona, Choreography, Costuming, Stage Make up etc.. 

PLUS- I will be adding in MC basics for the Gentlemen that want to MC.

Eight 1.5-2hr sessions

I will only accept a Maximum of 5 students for this class

It includes a gentlemanly photoshoot with 2-3 edited pictures

1-2 Dress rehearsals with small group focus on your boylesque number

A Chance to participate in the Upcoming Brand New Boobies show 

$665 with payment plans available

Please email if interested

Deposits + Early Bird Payments

Ask about early bird pricing!