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Burlesque totally changed my life.  I’m not kidding. My thoughts about my body, aging, sexuality, art, activism, feminism, it has all been transformed by burlesque. More than a decade has passed since I started performing burlesque and I am still intrigued by this art form. 

Stripping in an artful, sexy, funny, dirty, clumsy, beautiful, disturbing, weird and wonderful way is one of my VERY favourite things to do. Teaching other people how to do it is a close second!

Catch me on the stage or jump down the rabbit hole and join one of my classes. 

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Learn to Love your Jiggly Bitts class is not just for performers. The “audience” is us, looking at ourselves and passing judgment or celebration, every day - and Rosie taught me to reinforce the message: “this skin that I’m about to reveal? You, audience, are invited to revel in the amazing feminine power that is me!” That was one of my favourite parts of working with Rosie. 
The other favourite part was the bonds forged with other amazing babes who were going through a transformative process and bearing witness to their growth and empowerment.
— Jane Connell

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Learn to Love Your Jiggly Bitts

Join this fun, empowering and sexy class!

In 8 weeks we cover, Burlesque History, Walking in Heels, Boa Tricks, Glove and Clothing removal, Choreography, Music, Costume Making, Burlesque Persona Development, Show Girl Make up, Tassel Twirling and More!

Expect to leave feeling a new love and appreciation of your body, having a stage ready burlesque routine, with HUGE self confidence and gorgeous new pictures of your burlesque persona!

Each session is 1.5-2hrs long

The Class includes:

  • A pair of Pasties

  • A Show Girl photo shoot with 2-3 edited pictures

  • Small group workshopping of your burlesque number

  • A Chance to participate in the Upcoming Brand New Boobies Show

Only 8 Students accepted into this class

$665- payment plans available

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An excellent introduction to the art of burlesque, and intermediate level. Rosie allows her students to explore their personal vulnerability and helps them find the beauty and sensuality of their own body. Gives insight to improve their personal view of their body. Intermediate students are challenged to push their own boundaries to bring their performances to higher levels  As one of her male students she gave me tools I still use today to improve my performance and enhance my relationships off stage
— BadMan Throbbins - Burlesque Performer

Jiggle it Up!- Intermediate Burlesque

In this intensive 8 week class, receive in-depth mentorship from Rosie as well as a collaborative experience with your peers to help fine tune your performance.

You'll have the opportunity to create a new number, learn to take your stage presence to a new level, work the audience, deepen your sizzle, expand your funny, fine tune movement and choreography as well as tips on How to Get Booked, Starting a Troupe and Applying to Festivals and more. This class is designed for the participants in it and is different every session. 

There are only 6 spaces available in this class.

This class is for graduates of Rosie's Learn to Love Your Jiggly Bitts or The Gentlemanly Art of Boylesque series of classes or for Burlesque performers who have been performing for 2+ years. 

You must be willing to create a piece and present in at the Brand New Boobies Show

Eight 2-hour classes.


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Drench them in Pussy Magic: Advanced Burlesque

You want it. You got it!

By popular demand I am offering an Advanced Burlesque Course. 

This is open to previous students of mine who have 2+ years performing and have done my Jiggly Bitts and Intermediate Classes. 

We will co-create this class together. I don’t know whats going to be in this class because we haven’t created it yet! But I will be giving you my most advanced tips, tools of the trade and performance guidelines. I will also invite guest teachers who have mastery in their fields to teach a few of the classes! Think make-up, floor work, improvisation... The sky’s the limit!

I will accept a maximum of 6 students in this class

Eight 2hr classes


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The Gentlemanly Art of Boylesque

The gentlemen have been asking and you know I have a very difficult time turning the gentlemen down. So I have created an in depth Boylesque Course!! " Gentlemanly Training in the Art of Boylesque". Get the same comprehensive training I provide for the ladies, but in a hyper masculinized way; Strutting, Clothing removal, Body Image, Creating your persona, Choreography, Costuming, Stage Make up etc.. 

PLUS- I will be adding in MC basics for the Gentlemen that want to MC.

Eight 1.5-2hr sessions

I will only accept a Maximum of 5 students for this class

It includes a gentlemanly photoshoot with 2-3 edited pictures

1-2 Dress rehearsals with small group focus on your boylesque number

A Chance to participate in the Upcoming Brand New Boobies show 

$665 payment plans available

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