The Gentlemanly Art of Boylesque


The Gentlemanly Art of Boylesque


The gentlemen have been asking and you know I have a very difficult time turning the gentlemen down. So I have created an in depth Boylesque Course!! " Gentlemanly Training in the Art of Boylesque". Get the same comprehensive training I provide for the ladies, but in a hyper masculinized way; Strutting, Clothing removal, Body Image, Creating your persona, Choreography, Costuming, Stage Make up etc.. 

PLUS- I will be adding in MC basics for the Gentlemen that want to MC.

Eight 1.5-2hr sessions

I will only accept a Maximum of 5 students for this class

It includes a gentlemanly photoshoot with 2-3 edited pictures

1-2 Dress rehearsals with small group focus on your boylesque number

A Chance to participate in the Upcoming Brand New Boobies show 

$565 payment plans available

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