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About Rosie Bitts

Impresario, Chanteuse,
Burlesque Diva, Tantrica

I have the very great joy of living my passion and dreams everyday! I am a multi-award winning performer, producer, author, educator, and sex activist, and was one of the pioneers who brought the art form of burlesque to Vancouver Island. 

I have been blessed to perform all over N. America and did a U.S. and Canadian tour of my last solo show “Stories of Love and Passion” with a special invitation to debut in Canada at the UNO Festival and to make my NYC debut as part of the United Solo Theatre Festival. 

I run my own production company, “Best Bitts Productions,” and produce local and international shows on a regular basis. Currently, I am having a love affair with my band, “The Dirty Boys,” and you can see us perform regularly in “Rosie’s Bitts of Tease Cabaret.”

When I'm not touring you can find me teaching people how to connect with their inner sexy, love their bodies, and strip for adoring crowds in my "Learn to Love your Jiggly Bitts" series of classes and workshops. Or teaching Tantra-based classes, workshops, and private sessions.

I feel incredibly honoured that people choose to come to me to be entertained, to learn vulnerable and heart-felt practices, to open up their creativity, and to connect on a deep and intimate level. I am also a certified Authentic Tantra teacher and practitioner who practices the Tibetan Buddhist 5 Element Tantric teachings.

Two of my greatest joys are being a mother and creating community. I feel like my children are gifts--everyday I am grateful they are in my life as the divine teachers they are and that I get to call two of the finest humans I know family.

I am also in constant awe of my community. I have certainly put a lot of work into it over the years but have been repaid 10 fold ( at least!!). Again, I am grateful everyday to be surrounded by people who inspire me, amaze me, and simply take my breath away with their levels of courage, creativity, and vulnerability, and that I get to call these people friends and family.

I guess the most important thing you should know about me is that I’m grateful. I’m happy to be alive and excited to share this beautiful life with you <3

Rosie is a beautiful, strong, deeply loving spirit. I appreciate how she models self-love so well. As facilitators go, I can only wish everyone could be as sensitive, as flexible and as willing to be vulnerable and honest. The Tantra workshop I participated in attracted a group of women I will spend the rest of my life feeling grateful for. If I had the time and means I would take every workshop this woman offers.
— Tasha Diamant