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General Testimonials:

"Working with Rosie Bitts completely transformed how I see myself, and how I have conversations with myself. It gave me the tools to see myself with a new clarity - and after the class was over my life was forever changed. I wouldn't be the person I am today without having taken this class. I've always struggled with profound body issues. Never being happy in my skin, and deeply resenting and hating my body for how it looks. Rosie creates this beautiful and safe space for you to connect with yourself, and to really begin loving yourself. 

If I had started in burlesque without taking this class first, I don't think I would be a fraction of the performer I am today.  Rosie gives you the tools to create the strongest foundation a performer can have: unrelenting self-love and body confidence. Burlesque is this incredible art form that reaches into your heart and asks you to be vulnerable with yourself. It's so much more than tassle twirling and cheering and leering. It's strength, community, and embracing who you are. Rosie's classes perfectly embody the deeper meaning behind burlesque, and they are truly a life changing experience.

Everyone deserves to connect with themselves, and to love themselves. Whether you want to be a professional performer, or you just need a space to grow and be vulnerable - you will find what you need.”

- Molly Ashlie

"Rosie is a rare combination of empathetic compassion and provocative energy.  She lets you dig deep and discover what lies beneath the surface of your own temptations.  From shimmies and grinds, to tantalizing removals and teases, she guides and implores you to release your inner diva on stage.  Rosie creates a welcoming and safe space for her students to explore all aspects of burlesque and beyond. She is a true inspiration and a principal figure in our community."

 - Gala Vega

“Rosie offers a welcome safe atmosphere to unpack the dark and sticky uncomfortable parts of our psyche and sexual identity and reunite  and release with the powerful wonder that we attempt to cage within. I appreciate meeting more women in the community who have a similar interest and commitment in Self exploration and sexual literacy.

While I have historically moved through many of the concepts covered  in Rosie's Tantra classes, learning actual practices in meditative breathing techniques and internal muscle control and development has been a lovely addition to my daily living. I often find myself practicing these techniques throughout my day. Assigned journalling provides curious insight into personal productivity and planning”

- Laurie

"I believe in magic because I experienced it.  I went to Rosie with an open mind and followed through with as little skepticism as I could.  The transformation and experiences were real.  I simply have had (and given) better orgasms since doing this work.  I’ve had sex multiple times for 24 hour periods.  I know these incredible love making sessions were direct causes of doing the tantra work.  If you want to have better sex you should try it!  Keep an open mind.

I consider myself a sexual being.  I think about sex often and I pursue it often.  Maybe that is not so unnatural but for a time I did believe I was unnaturally drawn to sex.  I had a lot of stigma around my desire.  I thought my pursuit of sex was vain.  The work I did with tantra taught me the power of communication and connectedness.  It taught me that sex is a very powerful force and can be incredibly healthy when practiced with good intentions.  Since doing the work I feel more energized, more positive and best of all - more sexy. 

I began to think of sex differently.  Doing this work I was able to become more aware of sexual energy before, after and during sex.  Doing the practice allowed me to learn to control my orgasm.  This led to better longer lasting sex both with a partner and without.  During my sessions I felt incredibly connected with Rosie.  This feeling of connectedness followed me to the outside world.  I had a more positive outlook on life.  I also had some incredible personal revelations about my sexual nature.  I became more aware and more accepting of myself.  Overall, it gave me great tools in which to have better sex.”


"Rosie is a beautiful, strong, deeply loving spirit. I appreciate how she models self-love so well. As facilitators go, I can only wish everyone could be as sensitive, as flexible and as willing to be vulnerable and honest. The Tantra workshop I participated in attracted a group of women I will spend the rest of my life feeling grateful for. If I had the time and means I would take every workshop this woman offers.”

- Tasha Diamant

“I think that I could ramble endlessly about Rosie, and about what her classes have done to change my life irrevocably. Many little synchronicities led me to Rosie’s door and I am so glad I followed them. Something told me that I was about to embark on an incredible journey that would open doors I didn’t even know existed--and what a beautiful, inspired and honest gatekeeper Rosie is! She is without doubt a magical creature and she shares that magic with everyone she comes in contact with. Rosie is a master of her trade and a pillar of the burlesque community. Take a class with her. Just do it. She will help you climb to heights that will leave you trembling with the pleasure of your own strength and beauty” 

- Kayla

“I always struggled with mediation, sitting still for any period of time was painful for my body. I also never considered myself a dancer (I can be very clumsy) I was able to achieve amazing results in Rosie's Tantric Dance Class. The Dancing felt natural and fun and moving while meditating was extremely powerful for me.  It's now part of my weekly rituals!”  

- Corrina

"Rosie, you have been a pivotal teacher and spark of inspiration along my life path.

You have this beautiful way of allowing me to open up, feel more free, liberated and alive. Your workshops have been deeply intriguing and I love how I have gained actual resources to incorporate into my life, that actually work. You have brought that spark and light back into my life, and this glow feels oh-so-good. Most of all, I have you to thank for the connection I feel — to myself and others. It’s deeper. It’s meaningful. It’s the kind of connection I yearned for, but never knew how to find on my own. So thank you. From my heart and soul to yours….. thank you, thank you. "

- Lindsay Rose

"Your classes were the best investment in myself I had made in years."

- Cory Smart

Learning to Love your Jiggly Bitts:

An excellent introduction to the art of burlesque, and intermediate level. Rosie allows her students to explore their personal vulnerability and helps them find the beauty and sensuality of their own body. Gives insight to improve their personal view of their body. Intermediate students are challenged to push their own boundaries to bring their performances to higher levels  As one of her male students she gave me tools I still use today to improve my performance and enhance my relationships off stage.

- BadMan Throbbins - Burlesque Performer

"I originally came to Rosie's burlesque class looking to heal my relationship with my body as part of my recovery from an eating disorder, and I found not only that, but so much more! Burlesque has made me more confident in my body and in myself as a person - I feel so much more able to be myself, to dress and act the way I want to without worrying about what other people think, and to embrace the things that make me unique. I am also much less critical of my body now and am even beginning to love and celebrate it!

Rosie is the best teacher a person could ask for - she holds so much space for growth and creativity, always pushing you to step outside your comfort zone, but not forcing it. Moreover, the classes are just so much fun and provide you with a wonderful group of friends who are always there to cheer you on.

What I didn't expect from Rosie's classes is the extent to which I would fall in love with burlesque as an art form. I absolutely love performing and can't stop creating new routines - it has become the perfect outlet for all of the creative and artistic drives that have always been a part of my life, and it makes me feel sexy and strong! I feel so grateful that I took the chance of signing up for Rosie's class, as it was the perfect introduction to this wonderful art and the amazing community that comes along with it. 

Becoming a burlesque performer has been truly life changing for me, and is something I plan to stick with for a long time. I could not have done it without Rosie's help, and I would highly recommend her classes to absolutely anyone!"

- With much love, Dhana

"1. One of the major shifts I experienced during my time with Rosie was gaining real insight into self acceptance and what that means in practice. For me, a big part of self acceptance means halting the "you're not ____ enough" inner dialogue. Rosie has such genuine love for her students, and is capable of showing us the unique and powerful beauty she sees in each wonderful human female, that her perspective couldn't help but spill over on myself. Because of my work with Rosie, I now am more focused on celebrating my body (and my day to day accomplishments) simply as they are, without judgment or negative self-talk. Rosie let me know that I am enough, my body is enough, and all human women are goddesses to be worshipped simply by our divine existence. 

2. The learn to love your jiggly bitts class is not just for performers. The "audience" is us, looking at ourselves and passing judgment or celebration, every day - and Rosie taught me to reinforce the message: "this skin that I'm about to reveal? You, audience, are invited to revel in the amazing feminine power that is me!" That was one of my favourite parts of working with Rosie. 

The other favourite part was the bonds forged with other amazing babes who were going through a transformative process and bearing witness to their growth and empowerment.

3. I always tell other women how much I loved working with Rosie. The love is due to so much more than her skills as a burlesque performer and artist; she is a caring and intuitive mentor who brings together like-minded women and holds safe and supportive space for them to explore, develop, bond, and break boundaries. So many of the empowered female artists in this city have flourished in part due to her guidance and influence. She is an absolute GEM and treasure of Victoria's feminist arts community. 

4. My work as a pole artist and instructor expanded into a whole new world after working with Rosie. I wasn't sure about performing burlesque or how / if I would like it, but Rosie encouraged me to utilize my skills in a new way that worked for me - and polesque, a new genre (for me) that fused pole and burlesque was born! I had previously wanted to perform more theatrical pole routines but never had the opportunity to do so before Rosie's class and she inspired me to create new kinds of pole art and collaborate with other women to do so. The "after" version of me is a more fearless and less inhibited version of myself - I will perform anything and everything that inspires me, with the only boundary being my personal choices, and I carry that philosophy to my students as well." 

- Jane Connell

"Working with Rosie and taking her classes has changed my life in a very positive way. When I first walked into her classes I was nervous, had low self image issues, and had no clue what I was doing when it came to burlesque performance.  She taught me to love not only myself but to also love others free of judgements. My self confidence has grown tremendously, as well as my confidence on stage. Rosie's love and support has helped me throughout tough times, and she is always able to ground me when I am all in a tizzy due to either personal or performance issues. She is hands down one of the most influential people in my life and because of her I will forever be a better person. 

Thank you for everything Rosie!"

- Glitter Purrrr