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Passion and creativity are my life


My highest joy is to create a space for passion, creativity, and sensuality to grow in other people either through the work I do on stage, the art I create, or the classes and workshops I teach.

I am a woman who has experienced much transformation throughout my life. From drug addicted youth to young single mother, to wife, mother, and business owner, to finally blending all I’ve experienced into a life where I live my passion on a day to day basis. I blend having a family, being an artist, performer, educator, sex activist, and sex bomb! I get to be a multi-faceted woman--as all women are--in a loud and proud way. That's not something I take for granted. 

The magic I have is to powerfully create space for people to transition to where they want to be

I want you to be able to...

live the life of your dreams

have everything you want and deserve

be fully and sensually satisfieD

For me, that looks like creating beautiful shows for you to lose yourself in; offering classes and workshops that are transformative, inspirational, and filled with joy and community; igniting your sacred sexuality and then teaching you how to keep that fire burning.

Rosie is a rare combination of empathetic compassion and provocative energy.  She lets you dig deep and discover what lies beneath the surface of your own temptations.  From shimmies and grinds, to tantalizing removals and teases, she guides and implores you to release your inner diva on stage.  Rosie creates a welcoming and safe space for her students to explore all aspects of burlesque and beyond. She is a true inspiration and a principal figure in our community.
— Gala Vega

You are my inspiration.

Your struggle, your success, your courage to long for more, seek for more, and step by step create this beautiful human existence. It is my honour and great privilege to be a small, intimate part of that journey. 

I look forward
to meeting you there...