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What is Tantra?


Traditional Tibetan Tantra is explained as weaving sound and light with form. We are the form (the body), the sound is the chanting of specific mantric syllables, and light is represented by the practice of visualization.

Tantra is a yogic practice that can include both sexual and non-sexual elements. It is used to heal, to remove suffering and ignorance, to transform human consciousness, and to reach enlightenment. Enlightenment is seen as our most mature state, a state where we are free from suffering. 

In Tantra, we believe you get a glimpse of enlightenment during orgasm and that our sexual energy is the most powerful energy we have access to. By honouring, exploring, and growing this energy, we have access to deep healing both for ourselves and others, as well as being able to find new depths of pleasure which lead us to truly spiritual states of bliss. 

Tantra originated in India many thousands of years ago, and there are many different forms. I chose Authentic Tantra specifically because I deeply resonate with the Buddhist teachings it incorporates, and because of the high level of integrity, knowledge, and compassion my teachers, Devi Ward and Marthe Shneider, show in their practice and their teaching. 

I am very excited to share these profound teachings with you.