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Sensual Magic - Week 7

Starts September 11 and runs 8 weeks

Location TBA

I’ve created this class with the intention of providing women with tools to heal themselves, to connect with and satisfy themselves on a profound level, and to live a more sensual, conscious and empowered life.

  • Week 1- What is Tantra? How can we use it to heal ourselves? How to use The Journal for Sensual Living
  • Week 2- The 4 pillars of Tibetan Tantra and the Elemental Meditations 
  • Week 3- Orgasmic Awareness Practice
  • Week 4- Dancing our Meditation- Sensual movement and group intention
  • Week 5- Tantric Masturbation and How to create a Tantric Temple
  • Week 6- Dancing our Meditation-Sensual movement and group intention
  • Week 7-Running the Elements- How to use the elements to release blocks both sexual and non sexual
  • Week 8- Continuing Rituals for a more Sensual and Embodied Existence    

Eight 1.5-2hr classes

Maximum of 8 students

Journal Provided: $375

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