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Sensual Magic with Rosie Bitts - Week 4

Are you ready to live your most sensual life? To heal and let go of old wounds? To connect with your passion in a deeply empowered and embodied way? To use your sensual energy with intention to create the life you want?

I’ve created this class with the intention of providing women with tools to heal themselves, to connect with and satisfy themselves on a profound level, and to live a more sensual, conscious and empowered life.

Week 1- What is Tantra? How can we use it to heal ourselves? Yoni Yoga
Week 2-The 4 pillars of Tibetan Tantra and the Elemental Meditations + Yoni Yoga
Week 3- Orgasmic Awareness Practice + Yoni Yoga
Week 4- Dancing our Meditation- Sensual movement and personal intention + Yoni Yoga
Week 5- Tantric Masturbation and How to create a Tantric Temple + Yoni Yoga
Week 6- Dancing our Meditation-Sensual movement and group intention + Yoni Yoga
Week 7-Running the Elements- How to use the elements to release blocks both sexual and non sexual + Yoni Yoga
Week 8- Continuing Rituals for a more Sensual and Embodied Existence

Studying and practicing Tantra has changed my life, given me new freedom and a different understanding, feeling of empowerment and satisfaction in my sexuality. These are some of the tools I was taught and have been using to live my most sensual life. It would be my pleasure to share them with you.

8- 1.5-2hr classes

Maximum of 8 students
Journal and Rose Quartz Yoni Balls included

Or $350 if paid by Aug 15
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Please pay a $100 deposit to hold your spot via email bank transfer

Rosie Bitts is a Multi Award Winning Performer, Educator and Sex Activist. She has been a professional sexy lady for more than a decade and has been teaching Burlesque for 8 years. She spent most of 2016 studying Authentic Tantric ( Which is rooted in the 5 Element Tibetan Tantric Teachings) in depth and is so pleased to be mixing this powerful healing modality into her teaching regime.