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Tantric Deep Dive: Week One

Dive deeply into the world of Tantra and the exploration of yourself as a sensual, spiritual being.
The Tibetan Buddhist Tantric 5 Element practice is a healing modality and teaches us to use pleasure as a healing tool. Every session will work with one of these elements in depth.

We will meet every 2 weeks for a 3- 3.5 hr intensive. You will be doing home study or meeting with the group on alternate weeks.

This course includes:

The 5 Element Meditations (via audio file)- Plus 1 short meditation
2 emails per week with video and/or written content pertaining to the Elemental practice we are working on
Journal/workbook: Sensual Goddess Unleashed: Step One
FB group

Fire Element: April 11
Working with the antidote to attachment and cultivating the feeling of bliss
What is Tantra and how to we bring this practice into our daily lives?
Connecting with our sensual bodies
How to bring the element of Fire through our sense of sight into our Tantric Space
Fire Releasing Ritual

Earth Element: April 25
Working with the antidote to Pride and how to bring enrichment into our lives
Learning How to Manifest with Pleasure (literally!)
Bringing Taste into the picture- letting the Earth Element activate our taste buds

Space Element: May 9
Working with the antidote to Ignorance and separation while cultivating openness
Learning partner practices to do with a partner or in preparation for having a partner
Bringing sound into our Tantric Space
Learning Lingam Massage (this does not involve touching a person)
Focus on building partnerships and community

Air Element: May 23
Working with the antidote to Jealousy and learning how to bring creativity and enjoyment into our lives
This will be a Tantric Burlesque session where we will express ourselves creatively through sensual dance and some burlesque fun!
Enlivening our sense of smell

June 6: Water Element
Working with the antidote to anger, how to let go of what’s not serving us and how to bring clarity into our lives
Through some clarifying exercises we will get to the bottom of what we want to let go of and set clear intentions to move forward.
Setting up an achievable daily practice
Igniting our sense of touch

June 13: Celebration
Pleasure, Pleasure, Pleasure!!
We will celebrate our time together as well as doing some Tantric rituals to help us move forward in a powerful way.


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