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Are you interested in Sensual Movement, Tantric Mediation, Vaginal Kung Fu and using Ritual and Intention to powerfully create what you want in your life? If so this class is the magic you're looking for! ♥

The first hour will be based on learning the 5 Elements of Tantric movement mixed with the five Elements Tantric meditation (while using our yoni balls!!)- we will literally be dancing our meditation! 
The second hour will be spent learning Tantric practices to connect us more deeply with our sexuality, help us release and heighten our creativity and bring us to a focused conscious state so we can create with intention what we want in our lives.

Six 2hr classes


Includes: The Yoni Ball Kit and a treat bag filled with things for your Tantric Space!

$50 deposit required to hold your spot (deposit is nonrefundable or transferable unless the class is canceled or at Rosie’s discretion due to extenuating circumstances)

REGISTER at and pay your deposit to or via PayPal to *
*Ensure both steps are completed to be fully registered in the class.