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Tantra Offerings:



Are you ready to live your most sensual life? To heal and let go of old wounds? To connect with your sexuality in a deeply empowered and embodied way? To use your sexual energy with intention to create the life you want? Join me and lets create this life together.

Studying and practicing Tantra has changed my life, given me new freedom, and a different understanding, feeling of empowerment, and satisfaction in my sexuality. I have incorporated the tools I was taught into my creative practices to live my most sensual life. It would be my pleasure to share that with you.

In my Private Sessions and Workshops you will: 

  • Learn How to Unlock Deep Intimacy, Sensuality, and Connection
  • Learn How to Unlock the 11+ Orgasms in yourself or your female partner
  • Heal Erectile Disfunction and/or Premature Ejaculation
  • Heal from Porn Addiction (from a Sex Positive and Porn Positive perspective)
  • Learn How to Last Longer and how to become Multi-Orgasmic
  • Learn How to Heal the Trauma stored in your genitals
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Private Sessions

Rosie, you have been a pivotal teacher and spark of inspiration along my life path.
You have this beautiful way of allowing me to open up, feel more free, liberated and alive. Your workshops have been deeply intriguing and I love how I have gained actual resources to incorporate into my life, that actually work. You have brought that spark and light back into my life, and this glow feels oh-so-good. Most of all, I have you to thank for the connection I feel — to myself and others. It’s deeper. It’s meaningful. It’s the kind of connection I yearned for, but never knew how to find on my own. So thank you. From my heart and soul to yours….. thank you, thank you.
— Lindsay Rose

$150/hour or $200/hour for Couples - Sessions can be done in person in Victoria B.C. or via Skype online. 

Ask me about my private session packages for:

  • Learning the 5 Element Practices and becoming semen retaining and multi orgasmic

  • Learning how to Unlock the 11 Different Female Orgasms

  • Healing Erectile Disfunction or premature ejaculation

  • Bringing Sensuality, Deep Pleasure and Connection to your Relationship (for Couples)

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Classes & Workshops


Please check the Calendar for current classes offered


Taste of Tantra

This 2-2.5hr course lets you dip your toe into Tantra. I will explain what Authentic Tantra is and how it can be used to experience the deepest intimacy and pleasure available to you (either by yourself or with friends), to feel deeply grounded and connected, and to heal.

You will leave this session knowing how to set up a Tantric space in your home, you will learn a specific breathing pattern that works to calm down your parasympathetic nervous system (which equals deep relaxation and gives you the ability to prolong pleasure), and I will teach you how to define what your 10 spot is! Knowing what will bring us more pleasure and how to ask for it is the first step!

$125 for Singles, $200 for Couples- everyone who registers for this first Intro class will receive a $25 credit towards one of my upcoming Tantra workshops

I always struggled with mediation, sitting still for any period of time was painful for my body. I also never considered myself a dancer (I can be very clumsy) I was able to achieve amazing results in Rosie’s Tantric Dance Class. The Dancing felt natural and fun and moving while meditating was extremely powerful for me.  It’s now part of my weekly rituals!
— Corrina

Tantric Connection: Male Pleasure

What if you could bring your male partner to new heights of pleasure and create deep healing for them? In this Tantric workshop, pleasure is healing. 

Learn specific techniques to expand your male partner's satisfaction, create new areas of pleasure, and deepen your connection and intimacy in a very profound way.

We will learn about male anatomy, how to create a Tantric Temple for your partner, how to bring him to deepened states of relaxation (which opens up his ability to experience heightened pleasure) and how to create healing as you give your partner pleasure.

I will perform a live demonstration of how to give a beautiful, connected Tantric Lingam Massage.

You will leave with a new sense of confidence and a deeper understanding of what you can do to truly please your partner


Tantric Connection: Female Pleasure

What if you could bring your female partner to new heights of pleasure and create deep healing for them. In this Tantric workshop pleasure is healing. 

Learn specific techniques to expand your female partners pleasure, create new areas of pleasure and deepen your connection and intimacy in a very profound way.

We will learn about female anatomy, how to create a Tantric Temple for your partner, how to bring her to deepened states of relaxation (which opens up her ability to experience more pleasure) and about the 11 + Big O’s available for women. 

I will perform a live demonstration of how to give a beautiful, connected Yoni Massage.


Tantric Connection: Sexy Time for Couples:

In our busy world its hard to carve out time to nurture our love relationships or even know where to start to bring more sensuality and intimacy into our relationship. In this 2 part intensive workshop learn how to: have more clear communication with your partner about sensual wants and needs, learn how to use sensual touch to arouse your partner and bring them to new heights of pleasure, how to set up a Tantric Space, how to create sacred time with your partner even when your time is limited and most importantly, how to connect more deeply and intimately with your partner.

Level 1


$375 (for couple)

Level 2 (includes how to bring your partner to new heights of pleasure with sensual touch including Yoni and Lingam Massage on models)


$375 (for couple)

Register for both for $625 (for couple)

Your classes were the best investment in myself I had made in years.
— Cory Smart

Tantric Fusion

Are you interested in Sensual Movement, Tantric Mediation, Vaginal Kung Fu and using Ritual and Intention to powerfully create what you want in your life? If so this class is the magic you're looking for! ♥

The first hour will be based on learning the 5 Elements of Tantric movement mixed with the five Elements Tantric meditation (while using our yoni balls!!)- we will literally be dancing our meditation! 
The second hour will be spent learning Tantric practices to connect us more deeply with our sexuality, help us release and heighten our creativity and bring us to a focused conscious state so we can create with intention what we want in our lives.

Six 2hr classes


Includes: The Yoni Ball Kit and a treat bag filled with things for your Tantric Space!

$50 deposit required to hold your spot (deposit is nonrefundable or transferable unless the class is canceled or at Rosie’s discretion due to extenuating circumstances)

REGISTER at and pay your deposit to or via PayPal to *
*Ensure both steps are completed to be fully registered in the class.

Sensual Magic- 8 week course

I’ve created this class with the intention of providing women with tools to heal themselves, to connect with and satisfy themselves on a profound level, and to live a more sensual, conscious and empowered life.

  • Week 1- What is Tantra? How can we use it to heal ourselves? How to use The Journal for Sensual Living

  • Week 2- The 4 pillars of Tibetan Tantra and the Elemental Meditations

  • Week 3- Orgasmic Awareness Practice

  • Week 4- Dancing our Meditation- Sensual movement and group intention

  • Week 5- Tantric Masturbation and How to create a Tantric Temple

  • Week 6- Dancing our Meditation-Sensual movement and group intention

  • Week 7-Running the Elements- How to use the elements to release blocks both sexual and non sexual

  • Week 8- Continuing Rituals for a more Sensual and Embodied Existence

Eight 1.5-2hr classes

Maximum of 8 students

Journal Provided: $450
Includes Journal and Rose Quartz Yoni Balls

Tantric Dance: 6 week course

I have been creating something special for you. It’s magic that heals through movement.

Are you ready to be in your sexiest body?

Are you ready to heal on a deep level?

Are you ready for fun, community and a space to revel in your Divine Feminine?

By mixing what I’ve learned through my decade plus long career in Burlesque and my study of Tantra I am bringing you Tantric Dance.

In this 6 week course I will teach you the 5 Elemental Mediations, 5 Core Pelvic movements and 5 Elements of Erotic Expression (as taught to me by Devi Ward). You will receive Yoni Balls (in Jade or Rose Quartz) and we will also practice internal exercises for healing, to Improve your sexual health and increase your ability for sexual pleasure!

This 6 week course heals, invigorates and tones! From the inside out. There is noting like this in Victoria. 

Each class is 1.5-2hrs and includes your Yoni Ball kit ( a $60 value)

We will meditate, stretch, dance and get our SEXY ON!!


Deposits + Early Bird Payments

Ask about early bird pricing!